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I am an electronic engineer, Linux server admin and web developer. I manage and install Ruby On Rails on Virtual or Bare Metal Servers. If you want something unique, I am your man. If you want run of the mill, there are plenty of competitive development companies local or abroad who can offer you an excellent deal.

I have been involved in the electronic industry for more than 25 years and installed one of the first releases of Linux in 1995. Since then I followed Linux and observed it become the stable and reliable operating system it is today.

I have developed, marketed and sold an electronic product for the catering industry from experience gained at the gas detection industry in Canada over a period of 10 years.


I offer Ruby On Rails server installation and web development services under the umbrella of my proprietorship Bedrock Embedded Systems. Each server I install and website I develop is unique and each of my clients require something unique. I analyze your requirements and suggest the best platform for your server or website. It is important to have an appropriate web presense. Your audience must be able to find you via search engines and social media.

Rails Servers

My primary focus is the installation of Ruby On Rails servers. I am able to install a server that meet the requirements of your application on a Virtual or Bare Metal server. I prefer starting with a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04 installation and build it from the ground up. I add a git repositiory to your server or you can do the Ruby On Rails installation and updates from another repository.

Web Development

I do web development in HTML, CSS, PHP, Ruby On Rails and WordPress. I can create a dedicated server for a Ruby On Rails application and host your HTML or WordPress website. Website visitors using mobile devices are continually increasing and will do so in future. A responsive website design and layout renders equally well on different sizes of viewports. Using a good template is preferred.

Search/Social Media

To attract visitors to your website, your audience need to find you. Your website needs to be registered with Google for a start. Without this, the GoogleBot may find your website, but the most important information may not be extracted. I add tags and keywords to your website to fascilitate better search hits. I add social media tags for better sharing on facebook and other social media.

Embedded Systems

For management of remote systems, I can develop peripheral hardware and combine it with a Raspberry Pi. A Ruby On Rails server on a Raspberry Pi platform is a low cost solution for remote system management and monitoring via a normal internet browser on a Desktop, Portable or Smart Phone. The possibilities are infinite. Communication is via Ethernet, WiFi or 3G modem.


Some past and current projects.
These are here to help you visualize what is possible.
I will create something that is just right for you.

Bedrock Embedded Systems
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Crystal Cottage
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Ruby On Rails
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Start small and build it up as you go. Let your server or website grow with your business.
The entry-level website pricing below is for reference only. Please request a quotation before we start.
For WordPress and HTML websites the first year of hosting is included when using our hosting (Reseller Package from Domains.co.za).

Ubuntu Server (Rails)

Installation: R7999.00
Deposit: 50% of order
Extra Services: R1999.00 each
Delivery Time: 4 - 5 Days
Server Rental: R149.00+/month
Year Support: R24,000.00
Month Support: R4,000.00

Ruby On Rails

One Pager: R4999.00
Deposit: 50% of order
Extra Pages: R1999.00+ each
Delivery Time: 2 - 4 Weeks
Hosting: R149.00+/month
Type: Dynamic Pages, Ruby, MySQL
Pros: Powerful, Fast, Gems


One Pager: R3999.00
Deposit: 50% of order
Extra Pages: R1999.00 each
Delivery Time: 2 - 3 Weeks
Hosting: R499.00/year (once-off)
Type: Dynamic Pages, PHP, MySQL
Pros: Blog, Owner Updates, Plugins


One Pager: R2999.00
Deposit: 50% of order
Extra Pages: R1999.00 each
Delivery Time: 1 - 2 Weeks
Hosting: R249.00/year (once-off)
Type: Static Pages, PHP Forms
Pros: Fast, Great Styling

The Big Fineprint

Server support is based on 2 days of effort per server per month. Unused days can be accumulated over 3 months for upgrades and small updates to Ruby On Rails applications. Server installation is for a fresh Ubuntu 12.04 or 14.04 server installation, Apache, git server, background task support, ImageMagick (if required) and the database of your choice. The monthly server rental cost is for an entry level Virtual Server at Domains with SDD storage (adequate for most Rails applications with low to medium traffic). Server Support includes database backups as required, machine health monitoring, weekly updates and reboots or restart of services as required. Delivery times quoted are based on content being readily available. Websites include a free .co.za domain. Hosting at afrihost.com or domains.co.za. Some amount of photo processing can be done for your content, extended processing will be quoted for. The rates above do not include the cost of commercial themes, licensed images, domain renewal (after one year) or other external costs. Request a quote first for any additional cost. Please inquire if you are not sure what is included.


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